The Bayside Community Fund is a named sub-fund of the Queensland Community Foundation which is a trust fund under the trusteeship of the Public Trustee. Donations and bequests to the Bayside Community Fund are pooled and invested by the Public Trustee with advice from the Queensland Investment Corporation. Annual interest payments earned by Bayside Community Fund bequests and donations are made available by the Public Trustee as grants back to the community and administered by the Bayside Community Fund Inc. committee. Recommendations for funding are approved by the board of the Queensland Community Foundation.

How to donate

You can donate through our website: Donate

After your donation has been received you will receive a receipt which is fully tax deductible via email or to your street address. Your donation will then be added to the existing pool of funds under the Bayside Community Fund and invested by the Public Trustee under advice from the Queensland Investment
Corporation. Interest payments will be made annually in perpetuity from your donation back to the Bayside Community Fund for grants to the community.