The purpose of the Bayside Community Fund is to build a stronger community by providing financial support to applicants for the enhancement of the quality of life in the Lytton electorate. We aim to create a lasting legacy by accepting contributions from donors and carefully managing these funds to generate income which will be distributed as grants.

The values of BCF drive the decisions made by the committee and the guidelines for the community grant program, which are as follows:

  • Legacy – a lasting legacy to help build a sustainable future for the Bayside community
  • Transparency
  • Community first – to support the Bayside community to look after each other
  • Inclusion – to cultivate a sense of belonging in our community so that all groups have a voice and an opportunity to share
  • Opportunity – ongoing investment in the local community

We want to create a place where people who love the local area and believe in the growth of its people can donate, contribute and bequeath money or an asset with the assurance that its value will continue to provide financial benefits to the community in perpetuity.

This ensures those who donate, contribute, and bequeath funds to their local community can rest assured the nest egg will be managed by an independent body, invested properly and gain compound interest for the long term betterment of the community.